About Us


Established in 1988, The Ambrose Group is a retained research and recruitment firm with offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. We conduct searches for professional positions in accounting, banking, engineering, finance, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, leading-edge technology companies, and major manufacturers.

We feel it is important to define our service because of the diversity within the search marketplace. The Ambrose Group provides customized research and recruiting services for a retained fee. We assist our clients by researching, on their behalf, the related marketplace and identifying potential candidates to fill a specific position. We do not maintain a massive database of potential candidates and access them through a series of parameter searches. Each search is performed from "scratch" and is tailored for that exact position.

It is our belief that the client has proprietary rights to the research we conduct. For each search, we generate a client report detailing every source, contact, conversation, referral, and result made on our client's behalf. It is important to note that the research belongs to both the client and The Ambrose Group.


We have two major goals:

To develop long-term relationships with our clients and foster open and thorough communication. We believe that it is only through this communication that we can effectively understand, anticipate, and satisfy our clients' needs. Just as the search is only as good as the position description, the relationship is only as good as the communication. More than sixty percent of our business last year was from clients for whom we conducted previous searches.

To provide our clients with qualified, interested individuals in a timely and cost effective manner. We achieve this by taking great care to understand the task at hand. We strive to provide at least three candidates within fifteen business days.

Search Schedule

  • Day 1

    Conference on Position Profile and Technical Checklist between Client and The Ambrose Group.

    Approval of Position Profile and Technical Checklist by Client.
  • Days 2 to 15

    Research by The Ambrose Group.

    Candidate Selection by The Ambrose Group.

    Candidate Submission by The Ambrose Group.
  • Days 16 and 17

    Candidate Review by Client.
  • Day 18

    Interviews Scheduled by The Ambrose Group.
  • Days 19 to 28

    First and Second Interviews Conducted.
  • Day 29

    Candidate Offer extended by Client.
  • Days 31 to 45

    Notice Given by Candidate.
  • Day 46

    Candidate Start Date

Search Process

Our search process, although tailored to each position and client, contains common elements. These elements are:

  • Meet with the client to gain a clear and complete understanding of its organization and culture. We discern the specific requirements for the position and develop a technical checklist.
  • Initiate research to identify companies locally, regionally, and nationally in which individuals who match the specifications are employed, and share this target list with the client. We also directly identify individuals through appropriate associations, user groups, and referrals.
  • Contact individuals, present the opportunity, and contact preliminary telephone interviews.
  • Present candidates who appear to possess the necessary qualifications, who have expressed initial interest in the opportunity, and who have completed the technical checklist.
  • Arrange interviews between client and candidates.
  • If requested, directly interview selected candidates, review their backgrounds and credentials, and submit appraisals to the client.
  • Assist the client in presenting an offer and finalizing details to ensure acceptance and a smooth transition.
  • Prepare and submit a client report that contains all associated research

Research Sources

We use a variety or sources to target industries, companies, and individuals. These sources include:

  • National and state manufacturing and service databases
  • Industry contacts and knowledgeable individuals
  • Professional societies, trade associations, and membership organizations
  • Publications devoted to specific industries
  • Internet and on-line resources
  • Universities and trade schools
  • User groups


For each search, we form a Project Team with a recruiter and a researcher. Our recruiters specialize in position functions, and we form these Project Teams accordingly. One Project Team manages our manufacturing, engineering, and human resource searches; one Team manages our information and communication technology searches; and one Team manages our sales, marketing, finance, accounting, safety and other "softer skills" searches. Each Project Team actively recruits for five to six searches at a time.

We also maintain a "bullpen" on contract recruiters who assist us on full-time and part-time basis as needed.

Our staff makes a conscious effort to be professional and considerate not only with clients, but with the individuals we contact on behalf of our clients.